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What's your favorite?

questions, thoughts, and comments... anything you wish to discuss about the native wildlife in your yard. Every thing from butterflies to deer and birds and also critters you may consider pests...
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Re: What's your favorite?

Postby millipede » Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:48 am

Ha... awesome. I love animals and would love to have wild type pets in my house but I'd be too worried about animal poop(anywhere, but especially on me), scratches, and things getting damaged.

I still love ALL kinds of wildlife but lately my oldest daughter and I have been more into "birding". We're keeping a list of every bird we've ever seen(species) and things like that. It's fun finding birds you've never seen before.

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Re: What's your favorite?

Postby Nicki » Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:55 am

We didn't let him run loose in all of the house (our dogs would have eaten him LOL). This picture was on our sunroom and it had tile and hardwood flooring so if he had an accident we could easily clean it up. When he wasn't loose, I kept him in a cage and had branches for him to climb and I hung up one of my dad's old pocketed t-shirts on the back of the cage - Acorn loved to get inside the pocket and take naps. I never got a pic of that but I do have a home video of him in the pocket and sticking his head out LOL.
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