Strong in your faith?

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Strong in your faith?

Post by millipede » Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:21 am

I woke up this morning thinking about something. Recently I was reading something someone posted on craigslist. I will tell you, people post the dumbest stuff on there. Well this person had a LONG story about how Jesus was not perfect and that the bible doesn't tell us anything about his life that would say that he was.
For some reason when I woke up this morning I wanted to write that person an email starting with "Dear Satan".
Why? Well I really wouldn't do that to someone I don't know but, a note like they wrote is truly a work of satan. Only satan could influence such a posting. And to post something like that without actually knowing the facts himself... Seriously, what would be the purpose? The purpose of such postings is to try and tear Christians down, to get them to think that what they believe is wrong. Who else would be on such a mission but satan?

Who would be influenced by such a rant? Well, maybe not by this particular rant but I promise you that even YOU can be influenced by satan. Don't believe me? Well you might believe me, but just in case I will elaborate on that.
Ever wear designer clothes? Ever watch a movie that your friends like? Ever wear your hair in a style that fit in with what was popular? I could go on and on and on with that. The answer would be yes somewhere in there. We're all influenced by stuff in our lives. Friends... family... tv... etc... Most people aren't able to admit it, but everyone is influenced in one way or another.
Well... let me say this; satan is much more powerful when it comes to influence than any of those sources. He is really sneaky and he knows just how to get to you.
Still not sure satan could possibly influence you?
Look at Adam and Eve. They had everything a person would want. They lived in a perfect world. There was NO death, not even with animals(at least as far as the way I read the bible goes...) They walked and talked with God every day. There was no disease, no hunger, no thirst, no hatred, no sin... it was "good" as stated in Genesis.
Then entered satan. He managed to influence a person that was without sin(something we're not really so good at) to do something quite wrong. He just used words that made it sound like it wasn't so bad.
I'm bolding that because it's something I want you to remember.
Satan still works in this way. All around us, outside the church and even within, satan is influencing people to believe things that are VERY wrong, but he makes sure you see it in a way that makes it sound okay. Just look at all the sin in the church today. I've talked with far too many Christians that believe there is no consequence to sinning... or that, they can choose for themselves what is sin and what isn't. I could go on and on and on with this too, I'm sure you know. There are evolutionists now going around saying that the theory of evolution doesn't necessarily go against what the bible teaches. :roll:
There's ALL sorts of false teachings like this out there, and they are worded quite well and good strong Christians DO fall into believing them.

How do you guard against this?
Exercise. Exercise? Yes. That's what I said.
Our bodies are fairly impressive machines. I've been watching the Olympics a bit lately, and man have I been impressed by the strength of some of those gymnasts. They're strong, and they can do some amazing things. It took a LOT of work to get into that condition.
Now, not all of us are even doing that work are we? Perhaps not on the Olympic level anyway.
First I must say that if we want to compete on such a level, we must train to do so.
Second thing I need to say is... Those athletes, if they quit their training what would happen to them? They would not be able to perform anymore, they would FAIL.
You cannot train up to be so strong and effective and then stop training because you have reached your goal. You will lose muscle mass and endurance.
Well, to me there is no better analogy to explain our faith and our walk with the Lord.
If we want to stand up to the competition(satan, and those working against us which are many) we MUST train and train hard. We MUST be strong and we MUST endure.
Friends, this takes a LOT more training than many of us(myself included for sure)are actually doing.
And on top of that... many of us often get to a point where we think we know all we need to know. We know God sent his son to die for our sins. We know most of the key stories in the bible, and we just go on living life feeling sure of ourselves in that.
Well, if we do not continue training DAILY and continue strengthening our faith we will lose muscle mass and endurance. We will not be able to keep up in the good fight and we WILL be led astray by false teaching.
Friends, there were, are, and will be many false teachings. The ONLY way you can guard yourself against the powerful influence of satan is to continue training and never cease.

We cannot settle for anything less than gold in this situation. ;)

Provided I remember, I will hopefully have some verses to go along with this story in my weekly study this coming Sunday.

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7

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