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Post by millipede » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:30 am

I am a little bit against fireworks... it's one of those love/hate things. I think they're awesome and just lots of fun to watch and even light off yourself. I love things that blow up, especially if it's pretty...
I also find them to be a bad idea. (Oh, before you get worried that this is nothing but a story about fireworks, there will be some videos attached that you might enjoy so scroll down if this gets too boring)
Why would I say fireworks are bad? In no particular order... They cause pollution. Think about how many individual people and how many cities and towns light off HUGE displays. Think of ALL that smoke and chemicals being released. It really should be an environmental concern to someone out there. Lots of nasty smoke... Yuck. Also, it can post a danger to animals. All those birds that have been falling out of the sky, at least here in Arkansas(at least two occasions now) have been blamed on fireworks. The loud noise startled LARGE groups that flew into the air, at night, crashed into each other and just fell from the sky. Very sad situation. Then there's the danger to people... individual fireworks that is. Every year people are hurt and some even die. Just the other day one teen died when a group of sparklers, yes sparklers, they had taped together exploded. Another story from the other day, some guy blew his whole hand off with a homemade device...
Then there's fires. Several grass fires have started here in Arkansas this year because of fireworks. Some were individuals under a burn ban, and they shouldn't have... one fire was started by a professional display put on by a town. It's a REAL danger. Then, there's money. From the little people like myself that don't have a lot of money... the common people, they spend money on those things that they probably should save for something more important. But then there's the LARGE displays put on by towns. I don't know where they get the money for those LARGE displays(fireworks are fairly expensive by the way) but I SERIOUSLY do think those towns and cities could spend that money better on some other things. Just think, how much one single town's display could cost. Then think of almost every town in America doing that. That is some SERIOUS cash right there. Do a quick google search on that. I just did one and found a site that suggested most small towns spend an average of $5,000 for a show while some of the big cities spend in the hundreds of thousands... for a few minutes of some pretty lights and loud bangs. I wonder how much money the entire US spent for that one night... It's a LOT. But, most people don't care... because it's fun. It's part of the 4th... in fact, it's probably more of what the 4th means to people than the real meaning is. SO many holidays we "celebrate" that, well... celebration is really all we care about. Let's party, etc... :roll: Anyway... most people don't like giving stuff up that they enjoy... no matter what. I could say that fireworks cause cancer(hypothetically) and the majority of people would still want to see them. It's just how people are.
So if you look at that list you can see, I think that fireworks are just not a good idea. It is tough for me sometimes as... as I said... I REALLY think they're fun. I have in the past lit some off from my yard. It's fun, I can't help that. But between the environmental concern and the whole money thing, I have to make it a point not to purchase any myself. Hey, I might even fail some time but, I will try my hardest... because, I do my best to stand by what I think is right. As much as I'd miss it, I'd like to see more and more towns STOP their fireworks displays. I think it would be beneficial to the environment AND to our wallets and pocket books. :)
That said...... since they're lighting them off anyway... and my being there has no impact on it... I might as well go watch... (I'm just going to pretend I'm like an Amish person, that even though they wont own a vehicle, they'll take a ride in one, that sort of thing)

So now... on to the show. These first 4 videos are from last years fireworks. Wow I'm quick at getting things uploaded huh?

Finally... Here's a short clip from this year's celebration.

This years display didn't seem as good as last but it could be worse. One local town cut there's short after 3-5 minutes after they started a grass fire. They're postponing til later in the year. Then there's San Diego... I don't know what went wrong with them but, their entire HUGE thing went up early, and fast. People thought it was a teaser and didn't realize, it was over. That was a let down I'm sure.
Anyway... I hope you enjoy the videos... The fireworks are pretty and my kids are pretty entertaining to hear in the background as well. :)

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7

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