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Post by millipede » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:51 pm

You know, over the years I've aggravated a lot of people. MOST of them, it was never, ever done on purpose. I am a weird guy... have personality flaws, etc...
MOST of the time, if I tease people, it's because I like them. It could be in fun... or, if, because I care, I expect more from them or something. One way or another, I've bothered far, far more people than I care to think about.
Some of those people have been my friends here on this board. I wish I could undo anything I've done. Sometimes I don't even know what I've done. But I know my personality just doesn't always click with others.
One time on Facebook...........
some lady saw something I posted and liked it so, she added me as a friend. I PM'd her first and told her about myself... that not everyone understood... she seemed to think we had stuff in common because of it.
Over time she posted stuff that led to her friends quite flagrantly expressing what I would call racism. I called it out. That was one of those topics that I refuse to remain silent on. Just can't do it. So, I'd express my thoughts about how they were judging people. The lady tried to pretend she wasn't like her friends but shortly after... she PM'd me again to say "now I know why people unfriend you."
I have feelings... I hurt. I sometimes HATE how who I am sometimes creates conflict where I don't want conflict... honestly, I hate conflict... I have anxiety and conflict is a BIG trigger...
Anyway... lots of people on FB have unfriended me over the years... often, I have no idea why. What did I say or do? I may never know.

But there have been people that, I just wish I could have talked to them better than I did. I've failed sometimes and it's something I regret. It's not always really something I could even change if given the chance... but, there's still always regret.

Some people that used to be active here are now people that I feel want nothing to do with me. That saddens me. I thought I was friends with them all... I don't even remember everything that happened but, I still think about people and miss them.
All that to say... I'm sorry. If you're one of those people I've offended over the years, I really am sorry. I wish there was a better way to have people really get to know me. I'm probably not quite the person people interpret me as online. I express myself more online than in person I believe.
Oh so so many thoughts right now.
I can't imagine any of these people will ever come back here and see these words but, if any of you feel like you may be one of these people... if I've said something that's upset you at one time or another... please, message me here or on facebook or something and tell me about it. Give me a chance to make things right, if that's possible.
In all honesty, I want nothing but peace for all people. In fact, that's sort of a passion of mine... one that gets me into trouble sometimes. I try to help people see other sides to stories and situations because this world is SO full of such bitterness, hatred, and division. SO many people choose to embrace such division rather than try to resist it... or bridge it.
We're all a little weird.. we're all a little different... and, we often all see things in life differently than other people do. That doesn't have to cause the friction and division that we allow it to.
Peace my friends...

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7

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