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Post by millipede » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:18 pm

It is a THEORY and will always remain a theory... that is, unless we can literally go back in time and SEE with our own eyes what has happened. As it is, so much of science is based on evidence... and quite often, limited or faulty evidence. Scientists describe the distance and expansion of space... and while doing so, they mention their belief in a dark matter that can distort light and things of that nature. You see, scientists will admit they do not know everything there is to know about the universe(that explains why their "facts" change so often) and that there ARE things out there that they have not identified yet.
Now... if this stuff is out there and we do not fully know the effects of it, then we can NOT scientifically or accurately calculate anything in space.
Not to mention... when they are referring to the speed of an object that is 2 million light years away... they're looking at an object as it was 2 million years ago. Yes... An object that is THAT far away cannot actually be seen. We don't know where that object actually is... or where it's going... or anything. What we see is "evidence" of it being somewhere 2 million years ago. That is how light works. Something that is one light year away is SO far away that it took one full year for the light from it to reach us... meaning, what we see is something that happened a year ago. So for something that's 2 million light years away... well think about it. We are seeing light that is 2 million years old... at least, that's what science tells us. So, can we accurately describe ANYTHING that far away in space? Can we actually accurately state as FACT anything about the age of the universe? Indeed, we cannot. We can speculate based on evidence.

The very same can be said of evolution. There is a LOT that I can say about why I do not believe in the "scientific" description of evolution... But I want to start this conversation with a question...
WHY does it matter? This is something I've been pondering for a long time now... but today, I read an article from Yahoo news about Bill Nye(the science guy, loved that show) and how he was blasting people that don't believe in evolution...
http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/bi ... -tech.html
What he says, and what a lot of people say, is that by allowing people to believe evolution to be untrue, we are harming them. This will likely lead, some day, to legislation that would actually prohibit people from teaching their children that evolution is anything but fact. There are places in this world where this sort of thing is already underway.
But really... Why? If my kids grow up believing in the bible's explanation of creation, this will harm them? How? Seriously... I want to know just how.
Bill Nye seems to think that if you don't believe in evolution then you wont be able to really understand anything in the current world we're living in. Somehow, people that believe in creationism are dumber? That seems to be his thinking. And that is ignorance.

Why I don't believe in evolution:
It cannot be proven. All we have is evidence... bits and pieces that scientists put together with their imaginations
We evolved from monkeys... yet, monkeys still exist... we still exist... but I see NO current in between steps. If we evolved from monkeys, there should not be any monkeys left.
Dinosaurs... somehow, scientists teach that the chicken's oldest relative is the T-rex. Really? How on earth did they come up with that? What do we know about the T-rex? An animal of that size would have very dense, heavy bones where chickens, being birds, have light hollow bones allowing them to fly. That is just one big difference... Dinosaurs would be a reptile while a chicken is, well, a bird.
This already makes no sense to me... but here's another question to that belief... How did something so big and powerful as a T-rex get wiped off the planet while something as small as a chicken survived? Also, what were all the in-between steps of that change? Are there ANY fossil records showing a t-rex's evolution into a chicken? Or... how would turning from a HUGE top of the food chain carnivore into a TINY, meek herbivore be a beneficial change? You see, there's a LOT of unanswered questions... there's little to NO evidence... But, scientists put these ideas together... see a FEW similarities, and then STATE things as FACT. And, people eat it up. They're scientists... they've studied it... certainly they know more than I do, so... let's just trust them explicitly...
And what of evidence? When it comes to the evolution of man, all we have to go by is bones... and quite often, just a few bones. Scientists don't discover 1,000 similar bodies in one place to be able to say "this is one evolutionary step represented here". No, they find one or two skeletons that look different in some way and state with absolute certainty that this is a new species of our ancestors. In fact, there are some "steps" along the line where LESS THAN ONE WHOLE SKELETON was found... Yes... in PROVING certain evolutionary steps, scientists have used less than one whole specimen to prove their "facts". How on earth can they call that science?
how about fossils? When I was growing up, I was taught that fossils were created over time... mud spilled over a foot print over and over again somehow preserving it. go step in some mud in your yard... make it yourself. Then, try to create a permanent fossil with that foot print. You will not be able to do it. Fossils are only created during instant events... that is, a HUGE event that happens in a short amount of time. Say, a million pounds of mud or water being pressed down on you almost instantly. That would cause enough pressure to actually preserve things. The idea of fossils forming slowly is just ignorant.
Speaking of foot prints... you can visit a museum and see dinosaurs on display... there's at least one species of dinosaur where you can see what it looked like... even though, nothing but a few foot prints were ever found. No bones were ever recovered... not one trace of their actual being... just a few footprints in some rock and they managed to build up a likeness of it.
That is what is done quite often with creating the evidence for evolution. We find bits and pieces but we cannot, nor will we ever see the full picture. The only way to PROVE evolution would be to be able to go back in time and see it happen. To see individual steps and such.
One former teacher I know once said to me something I had often been thinking and it's worth repeating... much of the evidence that is formed to PROVE evolution is like taking a jigsaw puzzle(a big one) taking out one or two pieces(even 3 or 4) and throwing the rest away... and then, filling the rest in with your own picture and stating as absolute fact that this is what the picture looks like.
that IS how evolution is proven. We do not have all the pieces and we never will. But somehow, it must be accepted as fact.
I could go on and on with this... and I could give just as much theory about creationism... and how much of the world actually reflects creation more than it supports evolution. But, who would believe me that doesn't believe already? People are brainwashed into believing what is taught in school, and to not question it.

While I am not going to sit here and say I have all the answers, tell you that evolution absolutely did not happen, or tell you what to believe... I will just say that I choose not to believe in it. And I beg you to answer one question... How does that hurt me as a person to not believe in it?
Bill Nye, you were likely taught in school that evolution was theory if you were taught it at all. You're older than I am and I was taught in 6th grade that it was a theory. (of course, that's because it cannot be proven, so it IS theory). Did such teaching, if there was any, hurt you in your scientific career? And do you truly believe that someone will suffer academically, or otherwise, for choosing not to believe in it? If someone doesn't believe in evolution, will they really be held back in their scientific abilities? I can't see how. If I wanted to become a scientist that specializes in botany or you name it, will I really be held back in my potential if I choose not to believe in evolution? Really?
This is what Bill Nye, and many others are trying to get you ALL to believe... that if you don't believe in evolution, you're dumber than everyone else and somehow you'll remain that way. Somehow your potential will be limited. How?
For ANYONE reading this, I want to know how. Before you jump into this discussion TELLING me that I'm an idiot and that evolution is real... the very first question I want to know is WHY DOES IT MATTER? For thousands of years people did not believe in it... what harm will it do if I and my future generations don't believe it? If you cannot give me a VERY good explanation of why that is SO important, it will be hard for me to hear any "evidence" you have to argue with me.
And if you are one of those people that believes EVERYTHING you learn in school and feel you need to educate me somehow, I'd like to ask you another question... What do YOU actually know as fact? Seriously. The people that have actually studied this stuff in depth... FIRST HAND studying that is, are few and far between. What YOU know about evolution was taught to you by a teacher... that teacher was also taught by another teacher, and so on back down the line. Each of those teachers have little to no actual experience in it. They just repeat what was taught them as fact. So, what do you KNOW about it? Outside of what you've read. What evidence have you seen? As I said before, much of the evidence is just a handful of bones here and there. The scientists study it... decided that it proves something... then, they state it as fact and the majority of people take it in as such... without question. So, how are you so smart that you KNOW all there is to know about evolution.
Anyway... the main purpose of this was today's question of WHY is it so important for kids to learn evolution? What will come of that knowledge? How will you benefit by believing such things? How will it harm someone that doesn't believe it?
I want answers......

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7

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