Cell phone use and cancer...

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Cell phone use and cancer...

Post by millipede » Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:48 pm

Yes, you have read that right and yes, it is true and proven.
I have a lot of thoughts on cancer in general but I'll start off talking about cell phones in case I get long winded. :)

it has been on the news, on tv and online, many times now. Cancer IS being linked to cell phone use. Up until today when I watched a video from MAY, I only knew of the link between cell phones and brain cancer. After all... that is where you hold your phone most of the time. Cell phones emit a type of radiation and it HAS been linked to brain cancer.
Today I watched a video about a young 21 year old girl that developed an aggressive type of breast cancer... It developed RIGHT where she happened to carry her cell phone. Apparently many women carry their cell phones in their bra. I was not aware of this but it makes sense I guess.
Here's the video.
>>Did cellphone cause breast cancer<<

This is not the first or the last case of this happening to a young woman that carried her cell phone in her bra. The doctors treating these women are convinced there is a LINK there. Nobody wants to define it as PROOF, they just want to make the LINK between cell use and cancer.
But people are reluctant to make changes in their life. Hey, this has me wondering... I don't own a cell phone but, my wife does and I take it with me when I go to the store just in case I need to call and ask a question or she needs to ask me to pick something up. I usually carry it in my pocket. Kind of makes me not want to carry it at all. I'm sure not going out to buy a purse to carry it in... HA
anyway... The link IS there and has been proven enough that even doctors are warning about it. Cancer.gov(I'm not sure who that is but ".gov" is a government only domain) says there's a link and so does WHO(world health organization) Here are some more stories...
CNN story about WHO about cancer
cancer.gov's information
I urge you to read BOTH of those. Take the information SERIOUSLY. It is a serious issue. Cancer isn't a "it can't happen to me" thing. You can live a healthy life, eat well, exercise, not smoke, and still end up with cancer because we're simply adding more and more ways to get it.
So now you know(not from me, from those other sources, please read them) cell phone use IS linked to cancer. Study it, think about it, pray about it... do something about it. You know we have a nice saying about wild/forest fires... "only you can prevent wildfires..." Only YOU can make a decision about what you expose yourself to.
Cell phones are handy... but sadly we're living in an age where people cannot seem to live without them. I'd like to strongly suggest ditching them all together. But I know that 99.999999% of people will not, no matter how proven this link gets to be. Cancer or not, people aren't going to quit using cell phones. Cancer sure doesn't stop a lot of people from smoking. :/
That said... if you're going to continue to use a cell phone, try to find better ways to minimize your exposure. Don't carry it against your body. Limit the amount of time you spend on it... etc. Plan and then do.
More thoughts about cancer...
I've written a few notes about cancer in the past but it's something that will likely come to mind often enough that I'll write about it again. It is a SERIOUS issue.
Please hang with me while I give a mini rant here about causes and cures.
Year after year, day after day... I see people calling cancer stupid(as if an insult will hurt it) and screaming for attention from some powers that be... to find a cure. We all hate cancer right? So, of course we want it gone gone gone. The problem with it all is... MOST cancers are 100% caused by human behavior and invention. I get a little frustrated at how focused we are on cures and how little attention is given to causes. The biggest reason this is how things work is simple. People like modernization. Whatever we can make easier in life... let's do it and not look back. That's what it call comes down to. We're spoiled. Look around wherever you are as you read this. Unless you're out in the woods or something, most everything in your reach poses some amount of cancer risk. Just about every man-made product EVER poses some health risks. Plastics, heavy metals, electronic devices AND the energy and radiation they put out. The list goes ON and ON like you wouldn't believe. Buy a new couch like we did recently and you can SMELL the cancer causing formaldehyde for a while. The list of things that CAUSE cancer is constantly growing as we "create" more and more things. All of these things impact our health in a negative way but it is all done in the name of progress....
I don't know if it's from too much Star Trek or what but, people just expect and wait upon doctors to solve all our problems. Cancer is HORRIBLE. Instead of trying to figure out why it happens or even ways to prevent it... people focus SO much attention on "why haven't doctors cured it yet????" (Star Trek reference? In Star Trek, most ailments were treated by a simple passing over the body with an electronic device... nothing invasive, everything was cured fairly easily)
We can go out and march and raise awareness all we want. Awareness is another thing I have mixed feelings on. We focus so much on that word... awareness. What does it mean? They say they're raising money for awareness but, isn't everyone aware of it already? Yes, it's nice to encourage more people to get screened for such things... and it's not a horrible thing to do some research on treatments... but ALL of that is NOTHING compared to prevention. Seriously.
many things are more simply defined. Lung cancer caused by cigarettes. We don't go around asking doctors to cure lung cancer. We go around(even the government, sometimes) trying to get people to QUIT smoking. Why? Because we know it causes cancer and it can be avoidable.
SO many other things in life that cause cancer can be avoided... or at the very least, limited.
Cures... drugs are drugs... anything a scientist creates in a laboratory has more potential to do harm than cure. There's a joke where someone lists one drug they take to treat the side effects of another drug they take to treat the side effects of another drug they take and so on. There's a lot of truth to that. The more we create, the more often we cause harm.
There are sites online that talk about "natural" cure alls. I'm skeptical of those myself... BUT... NOTHING is going to treat or prevent cancer better than taking care of your body... and that includes eating well, exercising, AND avoiding things that DO cause cancer. Nothing is going to protect your from cancer better than preventative measure. And that is the absolute truth.
But we get back to lifestyles and changes. Who likes to change? I sure don't. So, we sit back and wait for the government to do things. Well... help is not on the way. :/
YOU need to act now and decide to do something better... to change some things. To assess your life and lifestyle. Take care of yourself.
The bible teaches that our bodies are a temple. This phrase is used a lot even outside of the church. Your body is a temple. Most of us have heard that. Honestly... we REALLY should treat it that way more often. There's a saying for the mind... "garbage in, garbage out..." With the body... it's more like "garbage in........ garbage is..." eh, I don't really know how to word that. What we put into our body doesn't just simply come out. Our bodies collect and store even the crap that is bad for us. And the effects are lasting. Diabetes, hearth disease, and SO much more are CAUSED by the way we treat our bodies. (yes, I know there are SOME types of diabetes that is not diet related... but MOST cases are diet/health related)
Some automobiles... if you put the wrong kind of fuel in them, you will hear and feel the performance issues. You might hear knocking... your mileage might decrease. etc........
Our bodies are the same way. So much we eat AND expose ourselves to just isn't meant to be within us.

I'll close with a random note about diet and cancer........
the "color" for breast cancer awareness is pink. Many foods, even candies, have been dyed pink using red dyes to support cancer research and such. What is disturbingly ironic is that years ago a certain red dye was directly linked to breast cancer. Now, they come out with new dyes all the time(or, often enough that what was used back then might not be now) but, every red dye # anything is something created in a LABORATORY using science. There are no actual food properties to food coloring. It's a chemical. And even though the FDA approves of them... you must have noticed that the numbers change from time to time. Food coloring has also been linked to(not labeled as a cause of but linked to) attention deficit problems. At any rate... when you eat something that has been dyed a certain color in the name of support... you may actually be exposing yourself to a greater risk of cancer. I find that ironic, as I mentioned... and something that should seriously be looked at by anyone in the food industry. :/
Anyway... in case you read this far. Thanks for reading. I am by no means a health NUT. I need to make many changes myself... And... I'm not selling anything. You'll notice I didn't list a single cure or product to go out and buy. Jack Lalanne once said that he didn't put anything into his body that God didn't create. In today's world that sounds extreme doesn't it? :roll:
Seriously... that is THE best way to go about life... Pick up any package of food in your house and examine the ingredients. Some of the stuff we consume just wasn't meant for eating.
Anyway... take care of yourself. I hope you read all of this and looked at the links I provided. Cancer is a SERIOUS thing that we can't just sit back and hope it wont happen to us. We MUST do something now to protect ourselves from it. If you were a non-smoker you would likely avoid cigarettes like the plague because of what you know about them and how they cause cancer. Even many people that smoke WANT to stop because of such things. Take some time to give this some serious thought. There are SO many things that are proven to cause cancer and you're surrounded by them. How much do you have control over and how much can you change... and... how much are you willing to change?

"But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:"
- Job 12:7

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