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Web Services


Web Services

     I am just starting out with web hosting so please be patient and understanding with this.  There's a lot of fees involved and coming up with a set plan that will work and not rip anyone off is kind of tricky.

Web Hosting:
     You have several choices as far as web hosting goes.  I can offer you two options.
1.  Your own domain(  This is a good choice for a more professional look. It will cost a little more and the domain name needs to be re-registered every year.
2.  A sub-domain.  (  This option costs a little less as you wont have to register your own domain name.
     Pricing will vary with either option.  I want to keep this open to many budgets but keep in mind this isn't going to be dirt cheap.   I'll do my best to come up with a set pricing plan some day but for now I'd like to leave it open for negotiation based on each person's budget and things like storage space and bandwidth.  The more space and bandwidth used the more hosting will cost.   To save on space and bandwidth it may be best to keep any images you want used hosted offsite with an image hosting service like photobucket.

Web Site Building:
     This, again, is something I'll keep negotiable for now.   Take a look around, some people charge a LOT of money for building web pages.   For the time being I'm going to keep it based on each person's budget and on how much work is involved. 
     I can build a site for you to host here with my hosting service, or if you want it hosted somewhere else I can still build something for you.
Anyone that wants to use a free hosting site or something like freewebs, those are designed for you to do all the work yourself.  But I can help you get started for a small fee.  I could even run your free hosted site for you.  If you didn't have the time or didn't want to take the time to get a hang of things.  It might sound odd to pay someone to take care of a FREE site for you, but the cost would be low as it would be simply for maintaining the site and you have to keep in mind it does take work.   There would be no domain or hosting fees though.


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